1. Are payroll stubs legal?
Absolutely. Our service represents the amount(s) paid to an employee of a company and may serve as proof of payment if the information entered is identical to the actual payment that is made.

2. Are payroll stubs legal documents?
In the form provided, payroll stubs are not legal documents. If a certification is needed then the company owner or other designated party can sign, date, and if needed have these documents notarized.

3. What format are paystubs delivered in?
All documents are delivered as an instant download in PDF (portable document format).

4. How long does it take to receive my stubs?
Stubs are available to download immediately after payment has been made. A copy is also sent via email. We also have a stub resend tool in case you lose your stubs soon after you receive them.

5. What happens if I made a mistake when entering my information? Do I have to pay for another order?
We are able to correct mistakes you may have made when entering in information during the ordering process. Unless it is an emergency and you need the correction faster than we can respond, do not place another order, simply submit a trouble ticket. If you need the correction immediately, place a new order and we will gladly refund the duplicate purchase. Just submit a trouble ticket letting us know what happened.

6. How do I know that my information is secure?
Our sites use the latest available technology when it comes to handling data persisting and encryption. Our software is always up to date when new patches come out and our systems are monitored 24/7 by special monitoring systems to ensure any malicious attempt gets blocked instantly.
Moreover our systems and data are hosted on powerful and dedicated servers that we only have access to, and not on a shared hosting platform.

7. Who are you?
Our company was started in 2009 by a computer scientist and small business owner (Shanda) who simply enjoyed working with numbers and creating services people found useful. As the demands of the stub service grew, she turned over all operations to the Canadian firm Coddict who works daily to make the system faster, better, and more secure.

8. Where are you located?
All of our stub sites are American made and operated 100% online. We do not have a physical location, however, we were formed in 2009 in Chesapeake, Virginia and are proud to be the original instant stub delivery service online.

9. Can I have a special template made?
Absolutely! We are kinda nerdy when it comes to seeing if we can exceed your layout expectations. Just send over the format you need and we’ll see what we can do. If you don’t have a scanner, snap a picture with your smart phone and submit a trouble ticket. Please allot a few days for this service.

10. I tried the service before and was disappointed, why would I try it again?
Consider the stub sites “Under New Management” as of January 2015 as the entire process is run by a team of experts in customer service, programming, and payroll services. We apologize for your previous experience, but if you give us just one more try we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

11. What if I need to contact someone?
We are available to discuss your specific stub needs. Just e-mail us using the contact form. We can also discuss hockey, but do sincerely try to keep our lines open for business conversations only.

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